James River Water Levels

Westham Gauge
Gauge Height: 4.06'
Flow: 2270 cfps

Trail Conditions: Richmond


Todays Tides: Richmond Locks

High Tide: 6:54pm
Low Tide: 1:54pm

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Video: Eagle steals camera, films 70-mile voyage

5129112-3x2-940x627Rangers near Australia’s Margaret River were surprised to find one of their motion-sensor cameras missing, and even more surprised to have it resurface several weeks later many miles away. According to the Telegraph, the rangers were able to retrieve only about a minute and half of footage from the camera, showing quite plainly the thief. The culprit was a sea eagle, and it had apparently carried the camera for more than 70 miles. Since the camera was still filming, the inquisitive animal managed to document at least a portion of its long journey. It is unknown why the bird took the camera in the first place.

The camera was originally meant to capture footage of fresh-water crocodiles.