Powhite Park

Photo Credit: Andy Thompson

Say it with me: Po (like the river) — white (like the color). Not Pow — height.

Good, now that we’ve got that straight, we need to clear up another misunderstanding. Namely, the Powhite isn’t just a road to drive on. It’s a park, too. In fact, it’s quite a nice one, if you like wilderness and wildlife. Like Larus Park, it deserves more use, but it’s location keeps it from being better known. Powhite hides among busy roads, quiet neighborhoods and a hospital complex. It’s over 100 acres of hardwoods and understory beeches and hollies on hillsides looking down on a bottomland swamp. Beavers make their home in the wetland and their handiwork can be found throughout the park. Deer, too, are a common sight here.

It’s hard to say exactly how many miles of trails greet visitors to Powhite Park because of their spiderweb nature. Five doesn’t seem out of the question, though. Hikers, bikers, birdwatchers and dog walkers can all spend hours here exploring the trails, marveling at the scenery and feeling like they’re in on a secret while cars buzz by unawares on the Chippenham Parkway.

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Daily, sunrise to sunset

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