Huguenot Flatwater (JRPS)

Photo Credit: Andy Thompson

Huguenot Flatwater is the western-most outpost of the James River Park System and is a key launching spot for a variety of paddling trips. The park is located in western Richmond on scenic Riverside Drive on the south bank of the river, just west of the Huguenot Bridge.

The park tends to be noisy during the peak of rush hour traffic on the bridge, but is otherwise peaceful and serene among the many expensive homes in the area.

The park’s main function is its takeout and parking area, but it has many other useful amenties.

What can you do?

Canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing, swimming, fishing, biking, hiking, running and exploring. The takeout has access to good, calm flat water at water levels below five feet. Try a fun paddle up the James to Bosher’s Dam from Huguenot Flatwater. It is also a great place to try a paddle downriver to Williams Island and paddle pack to Huguenot, hop out at Pony Pasture, or to continue to points beyond.

There are many fishing holes and calm spots to anchor your boat to cast a line in this section of the James. When the water levels are low, many granite boulders can be accessed by walking or with a short swim.

The trails of Huguenot Flatwater are well-shaded, well-marked and there are plenty of spots to stop and watch the James flow by. The parking lot has space for about 35 cars, and there is a second lot with about 10 spaces on Riverside Drive at Oxford Parkway.




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