Chimborazo Park

Photo Credit: Chris Johnson

Chimborazo Park lies in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. Richmond acquired the land for the park in 1874. The Richmond National Battlefield Park Association  moved its headquarters to Chimborazo Park in 1958. The park was once the location of the Chimborazo Hospital, the largest Confederate hospital during the Civil War.

Liberty, an 8½-foot likeness of the Statue of Liberty is on the park grounds. It was donated by the Boy Scouts of America in 1951. Close by is the Powhatan Stone, which was removed from and now overlooks “Powhatan Seat,” a royal residence of King Powhatan when Capt. John Smith established the first permanent English settlement in 1607.

This 30-acre park offers stunning 180-degree views of the city. The park house on the eastern edge of the park can be rented for small meetings or events, and the popular Church Hill Dog Park is located on the eastern lower terrace of the park. The Dog Park includes two areas: one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

The Chimborazo Playground, located just one block from the park, was renovated in 2009. It also includes a community garden.


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