14th Street Takeout (JRPS)

Photo Credit: Andy Thompson

The 14th Street Takeout is on the north bank of the river just east of the 14th Street (Mayo) Bridge. It sits on the river side of the floodwall. It is the first takeout as the James turns tidal and the place that many whitewater kayakers and rafters get out of the river after running Hollywood and Pipeline Rapids

The parking lot has room for about a dozen vehicles. It is a part of the James River Park System and has been around since 2005. It was created and maintained mostly by volunteer work, according to a sign at the park:

These steps to the river provide the first official Parks Department take-out point for boaters who have just run the finest urban white water in the nation. They were built in the Fall of 2005 with major funding and labor from the James River Outdoor Coalition and the Friends of the James River Park System under the expert supervision of James River Park members Peter Bruce and Nathan Burrell. The land was a generous gift from the Department of Public Utilities.


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