James River Water Levels

Westham Gauge
Gauge Height: 5.07'
Flow: 5030 cfps

Trail Conditions: Richmond


Todays Tides: Richmond Locks

High Tide: 11:12pm
Low Tide: 6:24pm

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Ben Watson

James River Watch 2019: Revamped and Ready for a New Year

Do you plan to hop in a boat or take a jump in the James this summer? Then you need to know about James River Watch. JRW is designed to …

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Free Beer! Join JRA April 2nd for ‘Clean Water Happy Hour’

In Virginia, outdoor recreation is a billion dollar business — $21.9 billion to be more precise. That’s how much Virginia’s outdoor industry generates in consumer spending each year, supporting 197,000 …

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JRA Reports Another Successful James River Watch Season

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The Great Return of the Atlantic Sturgeon

Life on earth is driven by change. Our planet’s biology is in a constant state of flux, which makes it all the more remarkable that for the past 150 million …

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What It Means When the James Floods

The James River hit flood stage earlier this week, cresting at 15.4 feet at USGS’s Westham gauge, but in comparison to Richmond’s flood-plagued past this round was rather run-of-the-mill. Still, as this last hurricane …

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Secrets of the James — James River Ferries

Editor’s Note: The following was originally published on The James River Association’s website and is reprinted with permission. You can find the original article here.   Over the last century, …

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