Photo Credit: Andy Thompson

Richmond doesn’t have a huge variety of climbing options, but what it does have can be a lot of fun, especially for beginner and intermediate climbers. If you’ve never climbed or your experience is limited, but you think it looks fun, indoor climbing gyms Peak Experiences and newcomer Triangle Rock Club are probably the best places to start. There you can learn about gear and skills, become educated in how to climb safely, practice climbing, and meet other members of the rock climbing community.

Once you’re ready to head outside, the Manchester Wall offers the best climbing — for total routes, variety and difficulty — in the region. Part of the James River Park System, the Manchester Wall is actually the biggest of four pillars that, in the 19th century, held up the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad bridge.

Local climber Michael Greeby has produced a handy guide to climbing the Manchester Wall and the adjacent pillars.

The rock wall above the quarry pond at Belle Isle is also popular with climbers, though less so than the Manchester Wall. The climbs are much shorter. Setups are similar to Manchester.

If bouldering is your thing, there are options in the James River Park, especially along the Buttermilk Trail between Reedy Creek and the Nickel Bridge. Places like the Sean Lough rocks, the Egg boulder and the Whale boulder are popular with climbers.


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