James River Water Levels

Westham Gauge
Gauge Height: 4.03'
Flow: 2200 cfps

Trail Conditions: Richmond


Todays Tides: Richmond Locks

High Tide: 12:12pm
Low Tide: 6:42am

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Riverrock, Wildlife, and Supporting Your ‘Friends’

Andy Thompson

May 21, 2018 11:48am

It was fun to head out to Riverrock on Saturday and Sunday to take in all that RVA’s adventure sports scene has to offer. In a couple of hours on both days, my kids and I watched bouldering, slacklining, bmx biking, kayaking, standup paddleboarding and dog jumping. And the kids participated in a number of those disciplines through the “Interactive Village.”

Of course, it was also fun to peak over at the RVAOspreyCam.com site that’s clearly visible from the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge. A couple of people asked me what I was pointing at to my kids, and were blown away when I explained. There’s nothing better than opening people’s eyes to the wild wonders of Richmond, especially when they can experience those wonders right in the middle of downtown.

I mentioned to those folks that the osprey cam wouldn’t exist without the generous support of the Friends of the James River Park and sent them to find the Friends’ Riverrock booth at Tredegar to learn more. And, of course, supporting our RVAOspreyCam effort is just the tip of the Friends’ iceberg. That’s why I’ve included the above video. It’s part of the group’s Science in the Park push to show people, through video camera traps, all the incredible wildlife that’s right under our noses in the amazing 550-acre series of greenspaces called the James River Park. Check it (and all the other videos) out and considering becoming a member!

About Andy Thompson

I was the Outdoors Columnist at the Times-Dispatch from 2007 to 2013, writing twice a week about mountain biking, fishing, hunting, paddling and much more. I live a 1/4 mile from the James River, close enough to see bald eagles soaring over my house on their way to find a meal. Pretty cool, eh?