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Trail update: Bridge coming to Powhite Park

January 27, 2014 6:51pm

This here is Post No. 2 in our new weekly trail update series. Every Monday we’ll report on a local trail project –past, present, or upcoming. Considering how many people use the trails in our fair city — dog walkers, runners, birders, mountain bikers, etc — we think there’s an appetite out there for trail knowledge.

The new bridge will span a drainage like this one.

The new bridge will span a drainage like this one.

This past week I spoke with a Richmond city employee who said the trail crew is waiting on the funding to come through for a new bridge in Powhite Park. (Some weeks its easier than others to get permission from the city parks department to quote their employees on the record. This was not an easy week. You’ll have to trust me that this source is qualified to comment on this. He’ll just have to remain nameless for this week.)

The area in question is where the trail runs through the northwest corner of the park, along the beaver-dammed, swampy section of Powhite Creek. It’s constantly muddy and has entrances and exits that don’t lend themselves to good.

The park employee said they’ll re-route the trail up the slope of the hill just a few feet, but that will mean putting it across a small drainage — thus the need for the bridge. He said thinks it’ll cost around $750 and hopes to have it done by the end of February.


Typical Powhite Park trail.

If you’ve been out to Powhite Park in past year or two, you’ve probably seen that some significant trail work has already taken place in the park. But it’s a big place — around 100 acres — so plenty more could  — and will — be done in the future.

Next Monday: A roundup of upgrades made to the James River Park System trails this winter.

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