Larus Park

Photo Credit: Andy Thompson

Larus park is 106 acres of wooded solitude surrounded by urban hustle and bustle. It’s bounded by Huguenot Road, Chippenham Parkway and Stony Point Fashion Park yet manages to remain virtually unknown to most Richmonders. It really is the city park system’s hidden gem.

Larus Park was named for Lewis G. Larus. In 1915, he bought the plot of land that now includes Sabot Stony Point School and the park. The school resides at the northwest corner of the park, overlooking the Stony Point Fashion Park. Chippenham Parkway forms much of the park’s eastern border.

There’s a network of singletrack trails in Larus park, but no loop can be put together without bushwhacking. A biker or runner could probably get in 3-4 miles here, but would have to backtrack in places to see all the trail. Paths shoot off in different directions, just begging to be followed. The park is an urban explorer’s dream.

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Daily, sunrise to sunset: Entrances and parking can be hard to find. 1) Corner of Hayden Hill Lane and Huguenot Road, between Sneed's Nursery and a fire station. 2) 3400 Stony Point Road. Follow Stony Point Road to Sabot Stony Point School. Look for the park entrance at the head of the school's driveway.

Richmond Parks and Rec: (804) 646-5733