Road Biking

Photo Credit: Jesse A. Peters

The Piedmont meets the Coastal Plain in Central Virginia, and the result for road cyclists is a lot of fun. Rolling hills — and a few short, steep ones — characterize the road biking options in the Richmond area. Whether it’s out west on Riverside Drive and Old Gun Road, east into Varina, Richmond National Battlefield and Charles City County, or north into Ashland and Hanover County, you’ll find lots of country roads with moderate ups and downs but nothing too awfully punishing.

And one of the great things about Richmond is that it’s not so big that it takes very long to reach those mostly-abandoned, bike-friendly roads. Just saddle up, point your bike in any direction you please, and pretty soon you’ll be contemplating crop rotations and forest management. And if you get lost, remember, is mobile friendly. Our maps will get you home.





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